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Horse Racing: Popular Cheltenham Festival Overshadows Competition
By Ian Palmer There’s no doubt the Grand National at Aintree is still the granddaddy of all jump horse racing events in the UK, but like a state trooper in hot pursuit of a fleeing bandit, the Cheltenham Festival is steadily gaining ground. Wager on Cheltenham at bet365 Cheltenham... Read more
Gambling in California — The Law
California residents and visitors have a wide array of land-based gambling options to choose from, including casinos, lottery, poker, and more. While online and mobile options are more limited, innovative companies like b spot are popping up to expand the options. Before we jump into the legal details, here’s... Read more
What is the Moneyline?
When you’ve got the New England Patriots playing the winless Cleveland Browns, most gamblers will bet the farm on the Patriots — if it’s a straight-up bet.  Well, sportsbooks aren’t stupid. Meet the moneyline, which places certain odds on competing teams (or individuals if it’s boxing) and lets gamblers... Read more
California Gambling Laws
Known as one of the most progressive states in the nation, California’s gambling laws are rather robust — but do have limitations. You can roll dice in an Indian casino, play pai gow poker (a California creation) in a card room or put some money on Saxon Warrior, one... Read more