Betting Buzz

What is sports bet hedging?
You don’t need to be Sheldon Cooper to hedge a sports bet. Although you do need simple, basic math skills. That may scare some of you. But you do want to win money, right? If done correctly, hedging is an effective sports wagering strategy that allows you to minimize... Read more
What is the Moneyline?
When you’ve got the New England Patriots playing the winless Cleveland Browns, most gamblers will bet the farm on the Patriots — if it’s a straight-up bet.  Well, sportsbooks aren’t stupid. Meet the moneyline, which places certain odds on competing teams (or individuals if it’s boxing) and lets gamblers... Read more
What is the Over/Under?
Let’s say the Temple Owls and the Florida Seminoles are playing football tonight. Let’s say both teams typically score a ton of points. This should be a shootout! Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could wager on whether (or not) both teams will reach a certain point total? Say... Read more
What is a Point Spread?
Imagine a math formula that allows you to win a bet—even if your team loses. Conversely, what if your team wins by four touchdowns but you still lose cash? Say hello to an ingenius gambling innovation known as the point spread. Simply put, the point spread represents the number... Read more